The Role of Heritage in Redevelopment


  • How to apply best practices from international case studies on heritage planning as a redevelopment tool
  • How heritage planning can promote redevelopment in communities undergoing economic transition
  • How to engage community residents and promote inclusive-planning practices in heritage-focused redevelopment planning efforts


This course explores the planner's role in facilitating the relationship between heritage conservation and economic development through both domestic and international experiences with promoting redevelopment through conscious heritage planning. The course addresses several key questions: can the two complement each other or are they mutually exclusive? How should planners weigh their inclination to protect our heritage through the built environment against the imperative to adapt our places for economic development, population growth, and climate-change resilience? And what role can heritage conservation play in improving the outcome of development through its role in placemaking? Examine how a post-industrial economy can use heritage-planning strategies that promote placemaking as a tool for redevelopment. The course also explores the social equity surrounding heritage and historic-preservation strategies in these communities.