Multi-Modal Big Data


  • Techniques for collecting and assessing massive mobile-data
  • How things will change with regard to multimodal travel data in the future
  • How to use data sets to improve decision-making in multimodal planning projects


Mobile phones and vehicles with GPS are generating locational data constantly. Planners can use resulting data sets to measure transportation activity more richly than ever before. It is now possible in many cases to have multimodal origin-destination and trip-tour data sets at our fingertips. This field is still developing – excellent sources may exist for certain modes in certain locations, but not all modes in all locations – but travel data is now available as never before. Experts in the use of locational data from phones and vehicles describe what is available now and what to expect in the next year or so. Learn about auto, truck, bus, pedestrian , and recreational cycling data and hear a discussion about applications for such data in Sacramento (California), Northern Virginia, and Boston.