Planning; Politics; Promotion...


  • Maximize your unique skill sets for career advancement in a variety of public-sector roles
  • Use career-advancement strategies to make the challenging jump from planner to planning director
  • Learn innovative strategies to navigate the political framework, educate policy makers, and advance the public good


This unique course examines what defines a successful municipal planner within multiple jurisdictional frameworks. Hear success stories and career-advancement strategies from a diverse group of planners who started their careers at a single New York Regional Planning Agency and have gone on to become planning directors of a variety of nationally known cities, including Kansas City, Missouri; Stamford, Connecticut; and White Plains, New York. Each provides insight into how they leveraged their individual skill sets and navigated the complex political world of appointed planner to advance the public good. Hear a discussion with the audience focusing on tips to get "ahead" and earn promotion in the public sector, career niches, and the value and handicap of being a specialist planner. Special attention is paid to key value of mentorships, coalition building, and the ability to transition from specialist planner to generalist planner in a management role.