Putting the Activist in Bureactivist


  • Articulate why a career in a large institution can be beneficial and align with your values
  • Effectively analyze career opportunities
  • Assess your organization's openness to employees aligning their values with their work


The passion and prospects for creating change that propel planners into the urban planning field can often suffer and wither once a planner becomes employed in a large institution. As the millennial generation takes over the workforce in the coming decades, the desire for work, passion, and values to align will likely play an even greater role in the decisions planners make about where to work. Hear from millennial planners who are using their institutional positions to generate change that aligns with their core values. Hear from planners working for the San Francisco Planning Department, a large planning consulting firm, and the federal government. This course is aimed at managers wondering how to recruit and retain talent as well as entry-level and early-career professionals considering joining a bureaucratic institution, such as government or a large firm.