Re-Imagining Aging in Community


  • How to reframe community-based policies and initiatives to implement multi-generational planning perspectives and new modalities at the community level to address demographic changes
  • How to harness disruptive technologies to put in place policies that can unleash opportunity and tame its potential for harm to advance community livability goals for all residents
  • How to identify financing tools and foster financial partnerships that support aging in community


An aging America has profound impacts on communities that we are only beginning to comprehend. There is also uncertainty about the ability of traditional societal institutions to adapt to the needs of an aging society as the complex web of roles, norms, values, and structures rapidly change. Fiscal constraints demand new pathways to encourage resource investments that strengthen aging-in-community. This course focuses on disruptive advances in transportation technology and a new paradigm of "mobility as a service," innovative new tools to finance the growth and meet the demands of an aging community, and smart initiatives for cost-effective service delivery to mobilize resources for developing more age-friendly environments. Participants explore community-based solutions that engage the social layer of the community to address service delivery for all ages, learn how to harness disruptive technologies in our transportation system to create a new paradigm of "mobility as a service" and thus expand mobility to those disenfranchised under the current transportation framework, and examine new tools like the Age Strong fund and pay-for-performance options to finance aging communities and leverage strategic public-private investment while impacting whole person outcomes.