Short Term Rentals in New Orleans


  • Develop regulations for short-term rentals that can be tailored to the needs of your community.
  • Perform successful outreach to communities to apply public sentiment to the development of a regulatory regime.
  • Implement a successful permitting and enforcement process for short-term rentals.


Short-term rentals (STRs) have always been a popular way for residents of New Orleans to earn additional income during special events or while away. Historically, STRs have been mostly unregulated, but the explosion in popularity of home-sharing from platforms like AirBnB led policy-makers to search for a solution to their proliferation across the city. From 2015-17, New Orleans studied and unveiled one of the most successful packages of regulations in the country. In this session, the directors of the two departments that were instrumental in the preparation and execution of these regulations speak about their experience developing and implementing regulations for short-term rentals. Specifically, the executive director of the New Orleans City Planning Commission discusses the approach to his department's study, its findings, and the outreach made during the course of the study. The director of safety and permits discusses the department's experience creating a process for the permitting and enforcement of STRs and offer examples of successful enforcement. Learn how New Orleans tailored regulations to the specific needs of its neighborhoods, and how constant outreach with stakeholders, platforms, and the public contributed to the success of the city's regulations.