NYC Rent Regulation: 75 Years

What You'll Learn

  • How to describe the system of rent regulation in NYC .
  • Who lives in rent stabilized housing in NYC.
  • How to evaluate benefits and costs of rent regulation in NYC.

More Course Details

New York has the longest history of rent regulation in the nation and currently regulates almost 1 million units — almost half of the city's rental housing stock. Rent regulation has been an essential component of the affordable housing stock in New York in one form or another since 1943. Today, the rent stabilization system relies on a complicated interweaving of state and city regulations and laws.

This course presents an overview of the system in New York City (and State), including its history and policy context, its on-the-ground implementation, and the policy levers that help to ensure the regulation of tenant rights, affordability, and habitability — all while balancing the need to create incentives for landlords to continue investing in the stock.

Policy researchers from NYC discuss the costs and benefits of rent stabilization, efforts to reform the current system, and what the future may hold. New York's experience holds lessons for other cities and states across the country struggling to address high housing costs and maintain affordability.