Daniel Burnham Forum on Big Ideas: Equitable Redevelopment and Inclusive Growth in Legacy Cities


  • Explore the challenges confronting redevelopment in legacy cities.
  • Learn equitable and inclusive redevelopment strategies.
  • Implement effective policy approaches derived from the values of equitable and inclusive growth.


The 2019 Burnham Forum, presented in partnership with the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, focuses on the distinctive redevelopment challenges facing legacy cities.

A moderated discussion of leading local and federal policy makers will cover legacy cities' experimentation with innovative policies aimed at moving from managing decline to advancing housing, transportation, workforce, and community development policies that create new opportunities for building stronger, more sustainable communities.

Panelists will explain how these efforts are driven by values of equitable and inclusive growth and how equity strategies are being developed and implemented as part of a comprehensive approach. Specifically, they will examine challenges confronting redevelopment in legacy cities and how planners and public officials can craft effective policy approaches.

Panelists will identify how legacy cities' experiences and experiments can be applied in other communities.