Daniel Burnham Forum on Big Ideas: Confronting the Housing Crisis


  • Gain insights into the complex politics of local and regional housing debates.
  • Expand your knowledge of effective ways to communicate the value of affordable housing.
  • Explore how equitable and inclusive housing policies and production can improve public engagement.


Housing is a central challenge for economic recovery, healthy regions, expanded opportunity, and creating more just communities. Tackling housing problems of affordability, access, and opportunity requires navigating an array of difficult policy, planning, and communication challenges.

This year’s Burnham Forum will feature housing experts who have researched and documented the nature of the housing crisis, how it affects communities and families, and the response of policymakers and residents. These experts from the worlds of journalism, social science, and communications will provide an in-depth discussion of how we talk about housing, how we engage communities, and how we begin shifting housing policies and plans.

Conor Dougherty, a New York Times reporter and author of Golden Gates, will talk about his book and reporting on the housing battles in California, offering insights on the political, social, and economic forces that created today’s crisis. Dr. Tiffany Manuel will discuss her extensive research into the framing and communication of affordable housing. She will detail how planners can better talk about housing and work with the community and political leaders to tackle institutional barriers to housing and economic opportunity for all.