The Thing About City Managers and Planners


  • How to define roles between city managers and planners
  • How to incorporate communication best practices
  • Tips to improving the relationships between these professions


Many planners find themselves at some point in their career working for city or county government; and many City Managers have either been tasked with also serving as Planner or were once a City Planner themselves.  The relationship between these two professions is so intertwined that education, skillsets, goals, responsibilities and assignments can be the same.  In fact, many in the field find themselves making the leap from one profession to the other during their career.  Even more than once!  Having clearly defined roles such as whose in charge of economic development, community goal setting and policy making is critical between the two.  But when you don't have open communication and defined roles, disaster can strike creating a poor working relationship between these two disciplines. 

This course explores these similarities, provides different perspectives and tips for improving the relationship.  Learn how to work together towards the common goal of enhancement, growth and services to the community.