Tiny Houses, Big Questions


  • How tiny homes are treated with regard to land-use regulation and financing
  • Regulatory barriers to siting tiny homes on individual lots and changes that can be made to accommodate them
  • The costs of installing tiny homes and the potential for them to meet affordable housing needs


Tiny houses are so popular they spawned the TV show Tiny House Nation. But the number of frustrated tiny home buyers is high—and the number of successful tiny home communities low—because tiny houses raise big questions with regard to zoning and subdivision regulations, building codes, restrictive covenants, and home financing. This session explores how each of these factors creates potential barriers to tiny home siting on individual lots, and how communities interested in accommodating tiny homes can revise their regulations to do so. Learn why there are so few tiny home communities, as well as their potential as a source of affordable housing. Speakers include a state building code official familiar with tiny home issues, a local government planner who has approved a tiny home affordable housing community, and a national land-use expert with experience drafting regulations to accommodate alternative forms of housing.