Exploring Planning's Gender Wage Gap


  • How to use the APA Salary Survey as a tool to advance your professional development
  • How to use the tool, the data it produces, and the findings from it
  • Skills to negotiate, advocate, and activate your greatest earning potential (benefits and salary)


On March 15, 2018, Readex in partnership with APA, invited 20,181 APA members who were currently employed or self-employed, full-time, as a planner or in a planning-related position in the United States, across multiple membership categories, to participate in the APA Planners Salary Survey.  The response rate was a significant - 38% of those that received that email responded and completed the survey.

This course will explore the results of the APA Salary Survey as they relate to gender, examining differences in geographical and tenure variations in the gender wage gap, as well as the history and current reality of the gender wage gap in the planning profession.