Marketing Anxiety: Bragging With Aplomb


  • Guidance for private sector planners regarding effective marketing strategies and how to proceed in establishing a “marketing platform” for one’s practice
  • Understanding the basic “requirements” of marketing and how one can satisfy these without a major outlay of funds
  • Helping private sector planners understand the importance of branding, how it is done, and why it might be important to one’s practice 


If you work in the private sector, whether as a sole practitioner or in a larger firm, you know that marketing is a fact of life.  From a public sector perspective, you know that certain marketing approaches are impressive while others are sometimes, frankly, off-putting.  While excellent past performance is perhaps the strongest marketing tool, how do planners effectively reach out to new clients and convince them that they would be the perfect choice for a project? 

How do you effectively communicate what do you do best?  One of the ways is through the establishment of a strong “brand” that speaks to what your firm does well and how this sets you apart from your competition.  Yet, determining a brand that is timely, attractive and accurately descriptive of your practice is a tall order --- one that may require the assistance of a branding specialist.

Or, alternatively, are there ways to establish your brand on your own?   This course will explore several different views about marketing, both from the perspective of a marketing consultant, a branding consultant and several private and public sector practitioners who have been exposed to a variety of  marketing techniques over the course of their careers.