Tactical Urbanism: People and Pavement


  • How to set up a program for community-initiated demonstration projects to test ideas for improving walking and biking
  • The basics of planning, designing, implementing, and maintaining a temporary path through an existing parking lot and an artistic crosswalk
  • How to find and follow best practices for such projects based on the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices


How can you set up local government policies for people to initiate and test their own ideas for interventions for walking and biking? What do you include in the policy guide? What are the issues and challenges of creating a path or crosswalk on existing asphalt, and how do you address them? How do you get permissions and approvals? What is the MUTCD manual, and why does it matter? Why are safety and design considerations such as color, paint, patterns, and posts important? This course covers these topics and more.