Equitable Development: Planning to Overcome Injustice


  • How sustainability, at its best, responds to the needs of all citizens, especially those who are underserved, under-resourced, and overburdened 
  • How communities are making structural changes to create alignment with their documented goals for equitable development—and which tools and strategies they are using 
  • Why the quality of life goals and being socially responsible are not mutually exclusive      


Equitable development isn’t a new concept. It has, in fact, been the recurring theme in planning practice for nearly 50 years. Today, researchers and advocates, stewards of the built environment, and proponents for sustainability are coming to realize that finding creative ways to encourage equitable development does not shift attention from making communities better. Instead, it results in better community outcomes, especially for underserved populations and vulnerable groups. 

Explore the groundswell of activity that is compelling communities to ensure everyone has a safe and healthy environment in which to live, work, and play. Learn about tools, strategies, and best practices you can use to navigate obstacles to implementation. Hear about award-winning projects that demonstrate how equitable development is reshaping America’s communities for the better.