The Rockaways: Resiliency and Community Revitalization


  • Best practices in planning for vulnerable coastal communities
  • Benefits of inter-agency collaboration
  • Economic development in distressed communities
  • Placemaking and strategies for destination/tourism development


New York’s Rockaway Peninsula boasts a varied history of economic boom, abandonment, urban renewal, and now a fledging comeback driven by its beachfront location. Learn how planners are working to continue these revitalization efforts despite the area's geographic isolation, concentrated poverty, and vulnerability to sea-level rise. The city has already spearheaded two neighborhood planning initiatives, a comprehensive transportation study, and millions of dollars of planned investments in infrastructure, public facilities, and housing.

Still, the question remains: What combination of strategies and tools is needed to make the Rockaways a resilient, thriving community and regional beach destination? Explore how planners are addressing that question while confronting major economic, housing, transportation, employment, and land-use challenges.