Foundational Scenario Planning

What You'll Learn

  • Gain a foundational knowledge on scenario planning and its uses.
  • Consider how scenario planning would fit into your planning processes.
  • Understand different scenario planning applications in different contexts.

More Course Details

While many planners are interested in using scenario planning in their work, the planning field is short on resources to help them answer some key questions:

  • Is scenario planning right for my project?
  • What elements go into a scenario planning process?
  • How do I get started designing one?

This foundational level course is designed to help provide participants with a framework for answering these questions. Get an overview of what scenario planning is, how it can be used, and receive basic guidance on how to design a scenario planning process and useful resources.

Hear from practitioners who have used scenario planning at a variety of levels as they talk about the problems they were trying to solve with scenario planning, how they designed their processes, and what they learned along the way.

Note: Foundational level courses deliver content at a broad level, presenting introductory content and concepts. Learners can gain topical insights without substantial prerequisite knowledge.