Applied Knowledge of Scenario Planning


  • An overview of what scenario planning is and how it can help address the three major challenges facing traditional planning processes.
  • Different types of scenarios and how they can be used to facilitate public discussion about possible trade-offs.
  • Different stakeholder types and how what they have to say can impact decisions during a simulated exercise.
  • Types of possible outcomes and the tools needed to reach these outcomes.


This three-part, applied knowledge level course will take you through the steps of the Scenario Planning Process the Regional Plan Association used to create a comprehensive regional plan for New York City and surrounding areas. Using knowledge checks, interactive exercises, including a simulated exercise with stakeholders, this course will take you through the scenario planning process using detailed examples of how this planning process can be used to illustrate the impact different choices will have on present values.

TIP: This course is interactive in nature. Be prepared to click on buttons and icons to reveal additional information. You will also answer “Knowledge Check” questions to help you engage fully in your learning.

Note: Applied knowledge courses focus on deeper understanding and comprehension of a topic with in-depth material. Some topical prerequisite knowledge is recommended.