Affordable Housing Plans in Action


  • Challenges New York City and New Orleans face in creating affordable housing
  • How to identify the tension points and opportunities that arise when city governments and community-based organizations are involved in affordable-housing policy and planning
  • Grassroots, community-based approaches to affordable-housing planning


New Orleans and New York City, like many American cities, currently face a critical shortage of affordable housing. Both cities are using or considering using zoning for density paired with mandatory inclusionary-housing regulations to chip away at this shortage. They are also harnessing grassroots activism and local stakeholder initiative to guide affordable-housing protections and creation. Explore the challenges and opportunities that city leadership and government agencies face with the rise of the community-led affordability plan, and gain a better understanding of the sequencing and relationships that go into having a community-based plan influence what a city does. The space for community-led planning for affordable-housing protection and creation continues to expand in metropolitan areas across the United States. As the limitations of top-down agency interventions and purely market-led approaches to development become ever clearer, many are turning to grassroots action to meet housing need and create vibrant and sustainable communities. Community and grassroots organizations across the country have delivered exceptional projects, proposing alternative solutions to long-standing policy issues. In this course, examine the implementation of community-based plans as grassroots stakeholders interface work with government agencies and political leadership.