Living with Your Form-Based Code


  • How form-based regulations function in individual sections and across the code as a whole
  • Which aspects of form-based regulations you may expect to amend, revisit, and tweak over time
  • How to help colleagues and the community understand and embrace form-based regulations to ease the complex administration of a form-based code


What does life look like after you’ve adopted a form-based zoning code (or any new zoning code for that matter)? This session shares the experiences of Denver, Miami, and Raleigh (North Carolina) with administering, updating, and occasionally rethinking their form-based and form-oriented zoning codes. What can you expect in the first one to three years post-adoption? What about in the next five years? How easy is it to amend and keep current your new code? How will you respond to the both the internal and external demands for code interpretations and use determinations? What ways are there to build flexibility into the daily administration of a prescriptive code? Not the least, how do you support the staff responsible for daily permitting and inspecting under your new code – have you adequately prepared them prior to adoption? What about continuing training and education post-adoption? This course answers all these questions and more!