MADG: Train Stations Need Love Too


  • How to balance the needs of all modes to design streets that accommodate all users
  • How to coordinate planning efforts between multiple stakeholders with different transportation priorities
  • How to communicate transportation priorities in language suitable for both the general public and technical specialists


BART's Multimodal Access Design Guidelines (MADG) provide guidance for planning the access to and around BART's stations through person-scaled standards that provide consistent access at all points across all stations. MADG's focus is on the passenger experience, with the goal of making station areas contribute to the community fabric and encourage BART ridership, while prioritizing biking, walking, and transit access. MADG will provide easy-to-use guidance for planning the access to and around BART's stations for BART staff (for retrofitting existing infrastructure), future developers (who want to redevelop BART property as active land uses), and local municipalities (so multimodal networks continue off of BART property into the host community) so that customers enjoy a high-quality experience throughout their entire trip, from the moment they enter one station area to the moment they leave at the end of their train ride. Learn about BART's approach to developing the MADG; how the new standards were developed in coordination with agency staff, host communities, and connecting-transit providers; and how demonstration projects were conducted with two host communities to test the results to make sure MADG would provide everyone with successful station-access plans.