Multi-Scalar Resilience Planning for Coastal Change


  • Identify the methods used in coastal Louisiana to integrate an understanding of future flood-risk and landscape change into current-day decision-making processes.
  • Translate key coastal-resilience initiatives to other planning and community contexts.
  • Compare the state, county (parish), municipal, and community initiatives needed to develop a holistic approach to reduce future risk and increase community resilience.


Resilience planning offers methods to better anticipate, respond to, and recover from disasters. Coastal Louisiana boasts a dynamic environment where various planning approaches must be developed at many scales across governmental and non-governmental sectors. Louisiana is a leader in the nation for restoring natural ecosystems, bolstering flood-protection infrastructure, and preparing communities for an uncertain future based on state-of-the-art coastal and climate-change science. This multifaceted work is shared across a range of agencies and organizations, from state government to local planners, public/private partnerships, community advocates, and concerned citizens. This panel discussion brings a diverse range of practitioners together to discuss the particular methods being developed in Louisiana to chart a more resilient trajectory in the face of a changing coastal environment.