Art, Mitigation, and Planning, Oh My!


  • How to use an outside-the-box approach to integrate nontraditional community elements into master planning
  • How to engage the arts sector as part of the whole community in planning for resilience and mitigation
  • How to use a wealth of resources from the arts and culture and planning communities to begin your planning efforts


Can you use the words "land use," "art," and "hazard mitigation" in the same sentence? This novel course explores the intersection of these topics from three different perspectives – that of a federal hazard-mitigation community planner, an administrator of a public-private partnership whose mission is to protect the nation's artistic and cultural heritage, and an assistant director in a county planning division. Emergency managers are used to planning to protect hard assets and infrastructure. But how does one plan to protect intangible cultural heritage, the artistic expression of what it means to be human? How does the federal government protect cultural resources, including the fruit of artistic expression? It all begins with the acknowledgment of the arts as an integral and necessary component of our communities. A vibrant arts sector contributes to the health and welfare of a community in the best of times. And in the wake of a disaster, art can offer comfort and connection, helping a community heal, move forward, and become more resilient. Hear a robust discussion about how to incorporate the arts into comprehensive planning.