Public Engagement Playbook


  • How to identify potential potholes in engagement techniques
  • Engagement strategies that address sensitive concerns and audiences while providing the needed community input and data points in the planning process
  • How to repurpose engagement techniques by other professionals to fit your own needs.


What you’re doing probably isn’t working! Robust public-engagement strategies are imperative to removing cultural and communication barriers to reach populations that find it difficult or intimidating to actively participate in formal planning efforts. Traditionally hard-to-reach communities require new and different approaches to cultivate enjoyable and significant community contributions to the planning process. While there is no guaranteed method to gather meaningful public engagement, knowing your audience and understanding their limits is half the battle. A combination of offbeat techniques and new forums of discussion are the golden bricks paving the way to success. Explore the lessons learned by a Texas tag team who got enhanced results and a bit of respect in the weirdest city in the world.