3D Solutions for Comprehensive Planning


  • How planning departments are successfully using new 3D GIS technologies for comprehensive planning and how plans are becoming more interactive
  • How to turn on your own community 3D base map and planning toolbox 
  • How to create interactive 3D web scenes and methods for making the switch to new media applications for public engagement


As the leading long-range policy instrument of local governments in the United States, the comprehensive plan is a potentially powerful proving-ground for the adoption of new innovative planning technologies. An important tool in comprehensive planning is the topographic basemap. Recent advances in 3D GIS technology have enabled the creation of 3D basemaps that can be easily viewed, analyzed, and modified according to proposed planning interventions.

With the ability to simulate and generate measureable impacts, 3D modeling of cities and counties will play a huge role in tackling rapid urbanization. 3D has evolved as a core enterprise GIS technology to include web publishing in addition to traditional desktop scenario evaluation and analysis capability. 3D GIS models are information-rich databases that go far beyond just visualization for more direct and tangible application in development review, zoning and growth capacity analysis, land-use planning, and community engagement.

Explore how 3D GIS can inspire and guide city planning initiatives by combining the scientific power of GIS with 3D city modeling to facilitate data visualization, scenario impact simulations, and storytelling.