A Mid-Century Vision for the Northeast Corridor


  • The Federal Railroad Administration's vision plan for the Northeast Corridor and new concepts being explored for passenger rail service in the Northeast

  • The economic development potential for cities linked by high-quality rail service

  • How a programmatic approach can be used to plan for phased implementation of major transportation investments


The Federal Railroad Administration is completing a five-year planning process for the Northeast Corridor rail line. NEC FUTURE—one of the largest vision plans ever undertaken for transportation investment in the United States—establishes a framework and environmental compliance process for significant rail investment to meet the needs of a growing region. Additional capacity, increased train frequency, faster travel times, and coordinated operations across the various NEC railroads would transform the NEC into an integrated network of rail services, with a broader range of service types and more efficient operations than are possible today. The result would be an improved passenger experience, with seamless connections across the NEC and connecting corridors and greater economic integration among Northeast cities. This session will examine the FRA’s vision and its potential benefits for passengers and the Northeast as a whole, as well as the incremental approach needed to implement the investments.