Best Practices: Regulating Artisanal Food Production


  • What artisanal food production is and why it is important to welcome but also regulate
  • Best practices for regulating artisanal food production sourced from around the country
  • How to identify the issues cities should address when creating regulations for this type of use


The newest use to come out of the hipster revolution of our cities is artisanal food production. Cities all around the county are revamping their zoning codes to allow for small-scale, low-impact manufacturing in trendy or up-and-coming areas of town. This course explores best practices of regulating these new artisanal food-production uses around the country. A special case study of "The Food Building" in Minneapolis – where you can get your hand-crafted grain, milk, and sausage all under one roof – is highlighted, as will the zoning issues that this unique space brought to light for the City of Minneapolis. Are these places here to stay, or is this just a fad? What should your city be doing to welcome these uses? What are the impacts of these uses? Explore the answers and learn best practices for regulating artisanal food production.