What Do We Do Post-Reed?


  • Case studies regulating temporary and other signs
  • Implications and impacts of Reed vs. Town of Gilbert
  • Issues and challenges when regulating signs post Reed vs. Town of Gilbert


The U.S. Supreme Court’s 2015 ruling in Reed vs. Town of Gilbert created numerous issues for communities in regulating signs. Learn about the impact of this landmark case from experts who reviewed the decision, examined how subsequent federal and state court decisions have applied it, investigated how several jurisdictions have responded to it, and discussed common concerns with regard to it—including the regulation of temporary and other signs.

Learn about options for sign codes that are easier to administer and enforce while allowing the reasonable use of signage for residents and businesses alike. Explore complex and vexing legal issues dealing with content neutrality. And examine several case studies—from Calvert County, Md., to Marin County, Calif.— to investigate how they changed their codes in the wake of the Reed decision.