The Future of Cities and Planning


  • The trends of the cities of the future
  • The use of technology in cities of the future 
  • Transportation in an automated vehicle world
  • Sustainable urban design in cities of the future 


This course discusses the future of cities through three main trends: the use of technology in smart city design, the increase in automated vehicles and their effect on transportation and land-use, and a focus on sustainable design. The increased use of technology in building smart cities will be seen in data-enabled projects, such as installing sensors in street sweeper to track water use and update routes for efficiency. Technology will also be used to help test out innovative ideas in model cities with urban science tools. As for transportation, the rise in automated vehicle usage will change existing land-use, requiring less space for sparking and right of ways allowing for infill development in those spaces. Lastly, with changing climates, there will be an increased focus on sustainable design and construction.