Ethics: Navigating the Grey Matter


  • Refresher on the AICP Code of Ethics (What is it?)
  • Why the Code of Ethics is important (Why should we care?)
  • How to effectively apply the AICP Code of Ethics and steer clear of situations that could damage your career (How does it affect my work?)


Planners face ethical challenges frequently, often unbeknownst to them. Navigating the somewhat murky waters of “right vs. wrong” can only be made easier through life experience and regular discussion. This course meets a planning objective of providing a refresher to existing AICP members on the importance of the AICP Code of Ethics, and deeper consideration of potential day-to-day ethical issues in the planning field. The information provided in this course is unbiased, based loosely on real-life scenarios or hypothetical situations that best illustrate important ethical planning issues.

This course will demonstrate ethical challenges through a series of skits, with critical teachable moments during the scenarios. The planner-actors are seasoned planning experts with both public- and private-sector experience and are able to quickly respond to questions related to the Code of Ethics. This unique approach delivers a clear message regarding the relevance of the Code of Ethics.