Planning Commissioner Training Series

These courses serve as a great addition to your planning commissioner training arsenal. There is also a lot of great insights for your new and seasoned staff planners.

This collection consists of:

Preparing for Planning Commission Meetings: Staff Reports (30 minutes)

Learn tips for effective, clear communication, preparing graphic information, and what should — and should not — appear in a staff report. 

CM I .50 

Managing the Planning Commission Meeting (30 minutes)

Public meetings are critical to planning. Seasoned veterans share their experience in how to create an agenda, keep the meeting focused, allow for robust citizen engagement, and maintain a welcoming, civil, and ethical process.

CM I .50 

Legal Decision Making for Planning Commissioners (30 minutes)

Legal, defensible decision making is central to commission meetings. Legal experts discuss findings of fact, making the record, and the legal context for planning.

CM I .50