APA 2018 Policy and Advocacy Conference Collection

The APA 2018 Policy and Advocacy Conference Collection includes 5 exciting expert-lead courses spanning education topics such as Federal Resiliency and Hazard Policy, New Policy Frontiers for AVs and Smart Cities, and Planning Home courses on Funding and Inclusive Growth, Local Innovation and State Housing Reform.  Watch the courses at your leisure and earn up to 4.25 CM credits with this collection. 

PLEASE NOTE:  This Collection does not include 1.50 LAW.
This Collection includes:

Federal Resiliency & Hazard Policy

Forbes Tompkins
Sagar Shah, PhD, AICP


New Policy Frontiers for AVs and Smart Cities

Finch Fulton
Greg Rogers
Malcom Glenn
Paul Lewis


Planning Home: 
Finance, Funding & Inclusive Growth

Daria Daniel
Gideon Berger, AICP


Planning Home: Local Innovation

Jenny Schuetz, PhD
Rodney Harrell, PhD
Jason Segedy


Planning Home: State Housing Reform

Flora Arabo
Pete Parkinson, AICP
Rachel Heller