“Planning Home” and the Latino Home

This course is also offered in the Planning for Diversity in the Just City: Latinos and Planning in a Changing America Collection.


  • How to develop strategies, policies, plans, and development to enhance, preserve, and protect Latino neighborhoods through municipal zoning codes and participatory planning processes  
  • Some of the nation’s top cases of gentrification— Humboldt Park in Chicago, and the Mission District in San Francisco—and learn a range of planning tools used in these communities


In cities across the country, including Los Angeles, Chicago, and San Francisco, Latino communities are undergoing gentrification. Gentrification is often times driven by policies focused on smart growth, infill and transit-oriented development, and densification as well as other planning approaches intended to encourage rehabilitation, walkability, and more livable neighborhoods. These redevelopment tools often result in increased property values but at the expense of the subsequent involuntary displacement of low income residents and businesses.  

As an organization-wide initiative, Planning Home aims to reshape the narrative and focus on the innovative approaches addressing the national housing crisis. Affordability isn’t the only issue Latino neighborhoods face. There are other issues such as displacement, access to resources, community disintegration and other impacts that are upheaving the Latino Home.  

Latinos and Planning Division

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