Engagement Techniques for Latino Communities

This course is also part of the Planning for Diversity in the Just City: Latinos and Planning in a Changing America Collection.


  • How Latino communities actively engage in placemaking and community development and how to tap into this energy to activate and engage Latinos in the planning process
  • Specific engagement strategies that implement cultural competency to help increase participation during the process 
  • Introduction to approaches Latino planners have taken to increase equity and reduce the risk of gentrification in their communities
  • Examples of successfully using art and creative placemaking as a tool to engage with Latino communities


Latino communities marginalized by planning processes often take community development into their own hands, particularly where policies like redlining and urban renewal interfere with robust economic and community development. Serving the internal needs of Latino communities, these activities include creating small, locally owned businesses, high levels of pedestrian activity, street vending and home-based selling, high density housing and accessory dwelling units, socially engaged front yards, and intense use of public space.  

Latinos and Planning Division

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