Coastal Resilience Through Infrastructure Planning

What You'll Learn

  • How to improve and enhance a community's capacity to incorporate data, research, and information related to coastal hazards into capital improvement planning.
  • How to implement resilience and adaptation measures in coastal infrastructure and public buildings.
  • How to understand and quantify the costs associated with the replacement, protection, or improvement of public buildings and infrastructure.

More Course Details

Coastal communities must plan for growth, future development, and infrastructure degradation that comes from sea level rise, extreme weather events, and other climate hazards. The techniques and costs of incorporating adaptation and hazard planning into the capital planning process are sometimes unclear.

Incorporating hazards planning into the infrastructure planning process could greatly enhance a community's resilience to extreme weather and sea level rise, and mainstreaming these techniques will help many coastal communities struggling with long-term adaptation.

This course looks at a NOAA-funded project that has developed a variety of techniques to help practitioners incorporate climate, flood, and hazard data into local and regional infrastructure and capital improvement plans.