Beginning With the Ending: Achievable Implementation

What You'll Learn

  • Examine how to organize the planning process around implementation outcomes.
  • Understand how to improve planning outcomes by focusing on actionable strategies.
  • Find out how to accelerate implementation before and after plan adoption.

More Course Details

All planners want their projects to be implemented, but implementation is often the last step of plan development. Successful plan implementation begins before the planning process starts by including the appropriate people with clear desired outcomes and clearly articulated next steps that drive the planning process, rather than waiting until the end of the process.

This course illustrates how to begin a planning process with implementation outcomes in order to plan more effectively and describes the many benefits of beginning with the end in mind. Speakers describe how to start planning projects with implementation goals and targets to generate higher levels of support for planning.

Explore case studies in which implementation has not been well integrated into the planning process to illustrate the impacts of doing more planning than the community and leadership is prepared for.

Case studies of best practices include North Kansas City, Missouri, and Hamilton, Ohio. Those examples show how plan implementation can be a key element of gaining a consensus to start a planning process, organizing the planning process, and accelerating implementation after (and even before) plan adoption.