Barriers and Innovations in Housing Oakland

What You'll Learn

  • Learn about the basics of real estate development financing, including the different types of capital available to developers.
  • Understand the barriers to producing and preserving housing in Oakland, and see the innovations being used to overcome them.
  • Identify opportunities to use a new technology or start a new collaboration to overcome barriers to housing security in your jurisdiction.

More Course Details

Oakland, California, is on the cusp of something precedent-setting: technological innovation, political attention, a housing crisis, and mass homelessness all coexisting amid construction boom times. What is going on? Hear from developers, advocates, and researchers who are confronting different pieces of the housing crisis.

Learn about the financing struggles Bay Area developers face, the construction industry's first innovation in decades, the technological tools being developed to prevent displacement, and how policymakers and advocates are confronting social and political forces in Oakland.

Learn from the people on the other side of the planning counter, and get a better understanding of Oakland, an often-mischaracterized city.