Enhancing Community Resilience Through Comprehensive Planning

What You'll Learn

  • Learn what resilience means for D.C. and how it is being incorporated into the District's comprehensive plan.
  • Understand the various shocks and stresses that D.C. has experienced in recent years, how they affect land use, and how the city is preparing for future impacts.
  • Gain a better understanding of the District's recently completed and ongoing resilience-related plans and initiatives.

More Course Details

As part of its comprehensive plan update, Washington, D.C., is integrating resilience as a new cross-cutting policy framework throughout the plan for the first time. New comprehensive plan resilience policies have been tailored for multiple topics such as land use, housing, and transportation for multiple neighborhoods in the city.

Washington, D.C., is not only the nation's capital but a vibrant, rapidly growing city and regional economic center. The city also is vulnerable to natural and human-made hazards, such as flooding, climate change, and terrorism, and chronic stresses such as lack of access to affordable housing. Washington is leveraging its comprehensive plan to promote resilience as a new lens to shape public and private investments and continue to enhance the city's vibrancy and livability.

In this course, the D.C. Office of Planning, an agency partner, and a member of its consultant team describe this innovative effort and share lessons learned in combining comprehensive planning, hazard mitigation, climate adaptation, social equity, and community resilience and leveraging an inter-agency, multi-sector approach.