Complete Streets: Regional Planning, Local Implementation


  • How to coordinate planning and other efforts among stakeholders
  • How to develop policies for implementation across jurisdictional boundaries
  • What it takes to implement a complete-streets policy effectively


The Metro-Orlando area of Florida consistently ranks at or near the top of the "Dangerous by Design" list for pedestrian safety. Learn how Central Florida is working to reverse dangerous trends by planning for and implementing complete streets. Panelists from Metroplan Orlando, Orange County, the East Central Florida Regional Planning Council, and the City of Casselberry discuss multimodal safety and connectivity issues, regional coordination, and complete-streets case studies. Specific topics include Metroplan Orlando's Complete Streets Task Force, which developed a draft regional policy for complete streets from a network perspective and analyzed representative local case studies; Metroplan Orlando's efforts to increase focus on and funding for complete-streets projects; the region's efforts, in cooperation with Smart Growth America and the Winter Park Health Foundation, to identify and address barriers to building complete streets; Orange County's efforts to implement complete streets; the City of Casselberry's efforts to update their comprehensive plan in relation to complete streets; and the City of Casselberry's North Oxford Road Complete Streets Project, from concept to completion.