Comprehensive Plan Standards for Sustaining Places


  • How to apply tools and resources for integrating sustainability into new or updated local comprehensive plans
  • Best practices for addressing sustainability in plan content and planning processes
  • Lessons learned from communities that participated in the "Comprehensive Plan Standards Recognition" pilot program


APA's Sustaining Places Initiative is designed to build the capacity of local jurisdictions to integrate sustainability into their comprehensive plans. Gain an overview of the initiative and then take a deep dive into its resource toolkit, which can be used to evaluate an existing plan or develop a new one that comprehensively addresses sustainability. Based on best practices from leading plans, the toolkit provides guidance on plan content (sustainability principles), processes (community engagement and plan implementation), and the design attributes of the plan itself. It includes a scoring system, which can be used to measure a comprehensive plan against a national standard. The panel introduces the standards and scoring system and highlight the Burnham Award-winning Plano Tomorrow and the Imagine Hillsborough 2040 comprehensive plans, both of which were recognized through the Comprehensive Plan Standards for Sustaining Places Recognition pilot program.