Workforce Housing Strategies from Chicago Neighborhoods

What You'll Learn

  • Understand how local networks can help neighborhoods preserve and develop workforce housing.
  • Learn about strategies to preserve affordability for renters and homeowners in urban neighborhoods with rising housing costs.
  • Learn how to use technical assistance to engage a wide range of community, government, real estate, and institutional stakeholders to collaborate.

More Course Details

Three of Chicago's North River communities — Albany Park, North Park, and Irving Park — are among the most ethnically diverse neighborhoods in the nation, are well served by public transit, and have a wide range of high-quality housing options. Residents fear that rising housing costs are leading to the displacement of families and threaten the diversity and affordability of the area.

When the North River Commission (NRC), the nonprofit community and economic development corporation for the area, began a neighborhood plan with technical assistance from the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP), strategies for preserving the area’s housing options emerged as a key priority. Planners and community members worked with the Urban Land Institute Chicago (ULI Chicago) to convene a panel of housing developers, housing policy experts, and community development and finance professionals to develop strategies for preserving and developing housing that would be affordable for middle-income families.

Hear representatives from these organizations and nonprofit developer Preservation of Affordable Housing share strategies for community action to maintain affordability. Learn about collaborative strategies to leverage local knowledge of housing markets to identify preservation opportunities, partner with mission-driven developers, and identify potential sites for new housing.