Countywide Bicycle Plans — Riding the Momentum

What You'll Learn

  • Learn how to transform suburban auto-oriented streets into a network by developing a countywide bicycle plan and leveraging momentum.
  • Discover how to apply a high level of technical rigor and community engagement in the development of a high-quality bicycle network.
  • Explore how to build partnerships with diverse stakeholders to establish a shared goal of increasing the comfort, safety, and convenience of bicycling in their communities and propel their countywide plan towards implementation.

More Course Details

Communities such as Silicon Valley in California and Montgomery County, Maryland, were built to serve automobiles. Yet regional planning agencies are capitalizing on recent momentum to develop bicycle plans that influence bicycle culture and implement a vision for a countywide network of connected, high-quality bikeways.

Hear plan developers highlight their unique and award-winning approaches to bicycle planning, including the important role of countywide agencies in coordination and funding. Making the vision a reality requires collaboration, and this session also showcases the critical role partners play in contributing to the culture shift and getting projects off the ground. Speakers discuss:

  1. how local jurisdictions partner with regional agencies to ensure their bicycling program is incorporated into the countywide network;
  2. how local employers and developers contribute to bicycle project funding and enable culture shift for their employees and residents; and
  3. how advocacy efforts unite diverse community members around a shared vision for change and galvanize local support for projects.

Plan success ultimately is measured by the projects it inspires. Speakers showcase how they leveraged plan development to quickly implement small projects that help make the case for future funding and how they establish countywide standards for high-quality and innovative design.