Music History as a Preservation Catalyst

What You'll Learn

  • Learn to develop a public engagement campaign aimed at reaching a diverse population through multiple platforms.
  • Understand how to use a context study to educate citizens about preservation who otherwise would not participate.
  • Learn about linking historic preservation to certain places and memories, such as historic music venues.

More Course Details

Learn how to use a broad topic to engage a diverse population on preservation planning. Music is a subject that almost everyone has a special memory of tied to a certain place and can be used to bring a population unaware of preservation planning to the table. The planners managing the Minneapolis Music History project found that the idea of preserving historic music buildings was received better than preservation for the sake of keeping historic architecture standing.

Learn how residents were engaged through events, an interactive website, online survey, and map of identified sites that grew to almost 200 properties, including music venues, record stores, recording studios, and other music sites based on public feedback.

A steering committee of local music experts and preservation professionals was created. Get ideas for developing a similar project to further the goals of preservation planning.