Elevated Chicago: Connecting People, Building Equity

What You'll Learn

  • Strategies for implementing collaborative efforts to drive systems change in urban development.
  • The opportunities and challenges for advancing equitable TOD as a strategy for racial equity.
  • Strategies for advancing ecodistrict approaches for maintaining community control and preventing displacement while building healthy, climate-resilient communities.

More Course Details

Displacement of people of color is one of the most urgent problems in Chicago, happening in neighborhoods with accelerated markets and rising rents as well as historically disinvested communities that residents leave in search of greater safety and access to opportunity.

Elevated Chicago, a collaboration among nonprofit, public, and private leaders, is committed to transforming the half-mile radius around transit stations into hubs of opportunity and connection. The organization looks to address the region’s deeply rooted racial inequity by preventing displacement and supporting comprehensive development in disinvested neighborhoods.

Learn about Elevated's collaborative process and strategies: the use of data, maps, and community ownership models to leverage local assets and advance climate resilience and health outcomes. Get the perspective of one community that is part of the initiative, and learn about strategies resulting from the effort. Early implementation efforts are profiled, with a focus on providing a model for other communities grappling with transforming communities through equitable transit oriented development.