Streamlining Affordability in a Housing Crisis

What You'll Learn

  • Various strategies to introduce, finance, and streamline affordable housing while working within the complex local, state, and federal regulatory frameworks.
  • Ways to recruit existing community organizations to participate as members of the development team or as stewards of the final project.
  • Methods of facilitating exceptional design by including features that respond to the population being served by the project.

More Course Details

The lack of affordable housing in San Francisco has the greatest impact on the city's most vulnerable populations, including immigrants and senior citizens who have been part of their communities for decades, as well as homeless and formerly homeless families and individuals.

Although the city has a robust inclusionary housing policy and rent-control ordinance, the demand for affordable housing continues to increase. The permitting and construction process in San Francisco is notoriously time-consuming, expensive, and rife with opportunities for appeal.

The city has discovered public-private partnerships and streamlining the approval process as paramount to permitting and constructing 100 percent affordable housing projects.