Equity-Driven Cultural Planning in Three Cities

What You'll Learn

  • How to use culture as a lens through which to view planning and community development.
  • How to examine equitable cultural planning approaches at the neighborhood, city, town, or regional scales.
  • How to implement an equitable cultural planning process from conception to completion.

More Course Details

Many communities are taking a fresh look at the arts and culture sector. Cultural planning is an opportunity for communities to come together through an equity framework that affirms existing culture as a basis for community and economic development planning.

This course shows how planning for the arts at the local level offers a different path than traditional cultural planning, and how partnerships formed between the public and private sectors can transform policy and practice.

Planners from Boston; Oakland, California; and Washington, D.C., explain their approaches to building racial, social, and economic equity through cultural planning. They also explore how these plans respond to changing demographic and economic conditions through cultural daylighting, programmatic alignment, and strategic investments.