Strategies Toward Racial Equity in Planning

What You'll Learn

  • How to understand and apply key racial equity terms.
  • How to apply racial equity strategies to their geographic context.
  • How to recognize the essential nature of cross-sector collaboration for success.

More Course Details

Advancing racial equity in a region requires not only the inclusion of a plurality of cities and agencies but also an investment in cross-sector collaboration; the elevation of community voices; and a strategy that addresses policy, process, and the role each person plays in both long-range and incremental efforts.

In this course, several San Francisco Bay Area city departments and organizations share their racial equity best practices, strategies, barriers, and opportunities. These include city- and department-wide racial equity plans, regional coalition building, philanthropic investment, and policy advocacy to bring racial equity strategies to the center of planning practice.

Discover how the centering of racial equity in planning and city policy is not only possible but a necessary innovation to solve some of the most challenging issues facing cities and regions: displacement, gentrification, economic inequality, criminal justice, health disparities, and more.