Pop-Up! Retail

What You'll Learn

  • Understand the critical need to support short-term, pop-up retail and commercial uses given the rapidly changing demands of retailers and consumers.
  • Adapt regulatory and permitting processes to facilitate diverse and local pop-up retail.
  • Apply incubation strategies such as Popuphood's Popup to Permanent retail program and Downtown Memphis's Pop-Up on Main program to strengthen entrepreneurial ecosystems and act as a catalyst for local economic development.

More Course Details

Small towns and large cities across the country are grappling with storefront vacancies. The rise of online shopping, an oversupply of retail space, and shifting consumer preferences have led to a retail industry shakeup. Retailers that are not adapting quickly are being forced out of their street-level spaces.

This condition has been made more challenging by traditional lease structures and regulatory frameworks that are no longer favorable to creative small businesses with limited start-up capital.

Innovative municipalities and downtown organizations have turned to pop-up retail to fill ground floor vacancies. Although temporary in nature, these businesses often turn into long-term tenants or generate new foot traffic for a district.

This course brings together private- and public-sector experts in pop-up retail to provide guidance on flexible permitting processes and sustainable programs and resources to build support for diverse local retail.