Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals

What You'll Learn

  • Apply sustainability lessons from around the world.
  • Understand the metrics of implementing the Urban Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Engage the public, students, and fellow planners in discussions on the variety of ways planning can empower, enable, and elevate social equity.

More Course Details

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals guide development and promote good planning. Learn how cities are implementing the SDGs and the New Urban Agenda and how their metrics can improve your local planning. Speakers from the Global Planners Network provide insights in building inclusive, safe, and sustainable cities and human settlements.

Proposed targets include cultural heritage, housing, basic services, transport, urban planning, energy efficiency, disaster resilience, and safe public spaces, among others. Without adequate urban planning, it will be extremely difficult and prohibitively expensive to address key issues such as water, health, education, and employment.

Understand the knowledge and the outcomes that established the New Urban Agenda. Implementation of the SDGs presents planners with a rare opportunity to tell the planning story and advocate for the planners’ role in our rapidly urbanizing world and at home.