Equity? Health? Planning? Yes! But How?

What You'll Learn

  • Understand how to connect all elements of communities to health equity.
  • Examine how to apply a framework for organizing long-range plans around health and equity goals.
  • Explore how to use data to illustrate the relationships among different issue areas to illuminate health equity disparities within a community and use those insights to guide priority-making.

More Course Details

Has your city council committed to planning for community health? Are you having difficulty setting priorities for where to invest resources or focus policies between cities in a region or between neighborhoods in a city? Are you concerned about how your zoning, transportation, housing or other long range planning policies are hurting poor, minority, youth, elderly, or other marginalized residents?

Equity and health are increasingly topics of concern in communities across the country. But initial attempts to address these issues through planning have been haphazard, narrowly focused, or tacked on to planning processes as an afterthought. Using systems thinking to combine the concepts of the social determinants of health and equity with time-honed planning models can create a comprehensive planning framework.

Learn about tools and frameworks to plan for health and equity from practitioners who have put these ideas into action, featuring RPA's Fourth Regional Plan for the New York region, and Denver's Neighborhood Equity Index.